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jumping castle melbourne east colourful idea is perfect for a rainbow themed party, and recreates a fun game which is a twist on apple bobbing. In the hanging donuts and biscuits game, the children must wade through coloured streamers to find and eat as many doughnuts or biscuits as they can, but they cannot use their hands!

To prepare this project, it’s best to make the hanging streamers the day before or morning of the party so the food doesn’t get too stale.

To make hanging donuts and biscuits, you’ll need:

  • Colourful crepe-paper streamers (try any discount store)
  • Biscuits – 100s and 1000s are nice and colourful!
  • Mini iced donuts
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Chopping board jumping castle melbourne east
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How to make the hanging biscuits for the party game:

  • Place the tip of a sharp knife into the centre of a biscuit.
  • Twist the knife around gently until it starts to cut through the biscuit, jumping castle melbourne east leaving a small round hole.
  • Tie some string through the biscuit or donut hole.
  • Now tie the string with biscuits and donuts attached to the branches of the tree. Alternatively, tie the string in the branches first amongst the streamers and just before game time tie the donuts and biscuits to the ends of the string.


This project is a unique way to deliver a birthday party invitation with a bang. The invite details and some confetti are popped into a balloon to be hand-delivered to prospective birthday party guests.

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jumping castle melbourne east for those who want a polka dot pyjama party theme – or kids who simply want a more memorable way to bring their birthday party invitations to life.

To make confetti balloon party invitation, you’ll need:

  • Some round paper confetti
  • Clear balloons (try party stores) or white pearl balloons that are see-through
  • A paper invitation, rolled-up
  • Polka dot ribbon
  • Balloon stick

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How to make a confetti balloon party invitation:

  • Fold the confetti slightly so it fits through the balloon opening. Slip in a handful of confetti in each balloon jumping castle melbourne east .
  • Slip in the rolled-up invitation and blow up the balloon.
  • Twist the balloon end onto the balloon stick and shake so the confetti sticks slightly to the wetness from your breath on the inside of the balloon.
  • Tie a piece of ribbon around the balloon stick and, if you like, a little note that reads “pop me”.
  •  Hand deliver the balloon to your invitees.